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Here at Peak Internet we put you in control with our email hosting package you will have your own control panel to setup email hosting or forwarding instantly. We support POP3 email hosting and IMAP Email hosting with easy setup. You choose which best suits your needs.

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In addition to email with our email hosting package you can share or sync calendars and contacts that can be accessed via all sorts of devices including webmail, Outlook and any mobile device.

Email Hosting

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What's included in our email hosting package?

  • Up to 10 400MB email accounts.
  • Full Domain Name Hosting.
  • Webmail to allow you to access your emails from any machine, anywhere in the world.
  • User configurable SPAM filtering.
  • Mail forwarding allows you to have your emails forwarded to another address.
  • Up to 10 aliases per account allows you to have multiple addresses per email account, for example sales@, info@, enquiries@ could all be delivered to the same mailbox.
  • Group email (distribution list). You can define an address such as sales@mycompany that will deliver all emails to a group of people in your office, such as the sales team.

Unsure about some terminology?

There are two ways your email client can get emails from our severs: POP3 and IMAP. Here is a brief explanation as how each method works.


POP3 refers to a method of retrieving emails from Peak Internet’s server onto a computer. POP3 moves an email message from the email server onto your local device, therefore this option is best used when viewing mail on a single device only.


IMAP retrieves your email from Peak Internet’s server onto your device and leaves copy of your email on our server. This means emails can be retrieved simultaneously by multiple devices. This system is best when you need to view mail on multiple devices, i.e. desktop, iPad and phone.

Our email hosting package can be upgraded from our standard 400MB to any size that suits your needs just upgrade your account.

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